BRLC offers two programs to help eligible legal residents obtain United States citizenship:

Fast Track to Citizenship Program is a comprehensive three-month course that covers all the information needed to pass the Citizenship exam including the N-400 application, history and civics questions, reading and writing vocabulary, and oral interview. The course is presented in English and designed for high intermediate to advanced ESL students. If you do not speak enough English, we offer private tutoring.

The Blueprint for Citizenship Program is designed to help beginning and low intermediate ESL students who want to apply for citizenship but lack the English skills to enter the Fast Track Program. Students gain the knowledge and skills they need for the citizenship test while improving their English language skills.

The classes and all materials are free; you pay only the cost of the citizenship application.

General Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for naturalization under section 316(a) of the INA, an applicant must:

  • Be 18 or older. (A child under 18 whose parent is a U.S. citizen may automatically qualify.)
  • Be a lawful permanent resident (green card holder).
  • Have resided in the United States for at least the last 5 years, or 3 years if married to a U.S. citizen.
  • Be physically present in the United States for at least 30 months out of the 5 years immediately preceding the date of filing the application.
  • Have lived within the state, or USCIS district with jurisdiction over the applicant's place of residence, for at least 3 months prior to the date of filing the application.
  • Reside continuously within the United States from the date of application for naturalization up to the time of naturalization.
  • Be able to read, write, speak and understand English. Some exceptions based on age and length of residency or disability.
  • Have knowledge and an understanding of U.S. history and government (civics). Some exceptions based on disability.
  • Be a person of good moral character and support the principles of the Constitution of the United States.
  • Be willing and able to take the Oath of Allegiance.
  • There are some exemptions for members of the U.S. military and their children.

For more information contact Cindy at 828-696-3811.