This program serves students who are native or high level English speakers. We provide tutors for the following subjects in a one to one setting:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Writing

Other programs:

  • Lexia - A computer based reading program students can use while waiting for a tutor or to supplement learning while matched
  • Computer Skills - Small class setting (no more than five)
  • Wilson Reading System - A reading program for students with dyslexia

Students are equal partners with their trained volunteer tutor. Students are required to study 3 hours a week with a minimum of 12 hours a month. More study time is encouraged. Tutoring sites are located throughout the county. Meeting times are based on the student's schedule.

The council provides the support for students to reach their goals. There is an extensive library of Evidenced Basic Reading Instruction (EBRI) materials. The staff provides intake, evaluation, testing and matching for all students. Support and referrals as well as training and materials are provided for the student/tutor pair.

Services and materials are free.


Sooner or Later Truth Will Tell the Truth by Means of TimeGraphic for James article

Reflections by BRLC student, James.

“At the age of 65 my 23 year old son told me I was the biggest con he ever knew. He said, “Somehow you have managed to travel to so many countries, be involved in nationwide organizations, have an introduction to two Ivy League universities, run a business having at least 62 employees at one time and you never were able to read above a second grade level.”

And now, in old age, my memory is failing and I have to learn phonics. I can say with a smile that I am having fun and being free because I don’t have to live a lie. Instead of running from words, I embrace them.”

Read some of James' Creative Writing