Nibia Nuñez, ESL Student

Hello, my name is Nibia. I came to the United States and Hendersonville six years ago from Cuba.

I went to the Literacy Council to get help with my English. I wanted to be able to read, write and understand English better.  I have been working with my tutor, Henry Clancy, since September 2015. He has helped me a lot.

I work in the cafeteria at Flat Rock Middle School. I have been there for four years and like working there. Last year I decided I also wanted to drive a school bus. To do this I would have to get a Commercial Driver's License.  I had to take a fifteen hour course and pass four tests, all in English. I did it!  Because of my tutor who helped me learn better English, I was able to take the course, pass the tests and get my CDL

I now drive a school bus every morning to take children to Etowah Elementary School. I like driving the school bus and helping the little children. Then, I return home and go to my cafeteria job at Flat Rock Middle School. My next goal is to become a citizen and I am studying hard for that now.