The Blue Ridge Literacy Council 2018- 2021 Strategic Plan was approved on July 23, 2018 by its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is recognized for their hard work during this process.

Melinda Whitmire, Board President
Keith Johnson, Vice President
Vincent Pizzo, Treasurer
Nancy Keswani, Secretary

Octavia Dunbar
Jill Hart
Betsy Kelsey
Peg Price
Donnie Parks
Tim Putnam
Diane Skillman
Sharon Tirrell
Autumn Weil, Ex-Officio

The following past Board members, volunteers, and staff are also recognized for their involvement in this important process:

2017-2018 Board Members:
Connie Backlund
Rickey Parker, Immediate Past-President
Barbara Wilcox

Sheila Grapes
Dawn Keller
Kathryn Rogers

Autumn Weil, Executive Director
Jan Lanier, Lead Program Coordinator
Amber Hollinger, Adult Basic Education Coordinator
Sarah Staggs, Part-time Administrative Assistant
Kyra Kinnaman, AmeriCorps Member

Lastly, we could not have completed this thorough multi-year planning process without the consulting and financial support of WNC Nonprofit Pathways and the Community Foundation of WNC.