The Blue Ridge Literacy Council is excited to announce that we are seeking to host an Americorps Member through the Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education (SCALE) North Carolina Literacy Corps for 2017-2018. SCALE is a program that seeks to mobilize and support college students and campus-based programs to address the literacy needs of this country.

SCALE seeks to spread the notion that literacy is more than just reading and writing, but instead invovles critical thinking and action. This program teaches its students the same thing that we at Blue Ridge Literacy Council believe, that literacy is a tool to effect social change and help for people to enact social justice in their lives and their community through the empowerment of education. 

Specifically in this position, the member will work with program staff to be a liaison for Project Search of Park Ridge Health. The Liaison will work in coordination with a BRCC instructor and Voc Rehab job coach to ensure success of seven adult interns with intellectual disabilities. In addition, the BRLC member will assist with in-service training opportunities and curricula development for current tutors. The BRLC member will also be assigned adult learners to tutor, and assist with tutor recruitment activities.

We invite all interested to apply. A stipend, training and other benefits are available. You can find the application at