As a result of reading surveys completed by students and tutors, progress on the STAR (Student Achievement in Reading) Program, and funding from the Rudnick Grant from the Henderson County Community Foundation, BRLC has ordered about 100 books for students and tutors to use!

In the past year students and tutors completed surveys on what types of books they are interested in reading. Books were ordered based on the most popular responses as well as those that target vocabulary and comprehension as related to the STAR Program.

Some of the books ordered are:

Wordly Wise

Numerous activities provide students with opportunities to use words so they are more apt to become a part of the student's working vocabulary. Nine levels have been ordered.

Six-Way Paragraphs and Six-Way Paragraphs In The Content Areas

This offers brief reading selections with question that focus on comprehension. Three levels have been ordered.

Essentials of Reading

This is a lower level reading series to boost the selection for these students. Four levels have been ordered.

The Upside of Fear by Weldon Long

This tells of how one man broke the cycle of prison, poverty and addiction.

Toward A Better Life by Peter Morton Coan

Quotes from America's new immigrants, from Ellis Island to the present, are given in their own word.

True Stories of D-Day by Henry Brook


Dyslexia My Life by Girard J Sagmiller

This is one man's story of his life with a learning disability.

Journey of Hope - Memoirs of a Mexican Girl by Rosalina Rosay

This is one girls' story of life as an immigrant.

Breaking Through The Circuit and Reaching Out by Francisco Jimenez

This is an award winning series of a man's story about coming to the country with his family as a migrant worker and eventually becoming a college professor.

Please come in and check these books out or call for more information at 696-3811. Thank you to all who completed surveys and helped in the selection of these books and the writing of the grant!