Mission Mondays are a time to understand the literacy crisis right here in Henderson County, the economic impact of low literacy, and the work that the Blue Ridge Literacy Council is doing to ensure their Mission is going beyond the basics of literacy education to strengthen the community.

“Literacy is no longer defined as the ability to read and write; in today’s global multicultural digital economy, literacy education must go beyond basics to ensure communities are poised for success” said Autumn Weil, Executive Director.



Hendersonville, NC June 6, 2018 - Representative Chuck McGrady worked with the NC Literacy Association to understand the economic impact of adult education providers across the State who were losing their traditional funding.

The NC Community College System (the System Office) through its College and Career Readiness Department receives $21M in funding from the federal government to implement the Adult Education & Family Literacy Act of the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act. These funds are provided to each state to ensure the workforce is receiving the education, training, and support needed to provide economically strong communities, which in turn reduces unemployment, underemployment, and the use of welfare programs. 

I know that many of you have questions regarding our state funding situation. I have put together a Q & A using questions that have been recently asked. Should you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to call me. My cell number is 828-708-5480. I am always available to sit down and talk with you. We thank you for your engagement and support.

Autumn Weil
Executive Director

Q: Why is BRLC losing State funding?
A: We receive state funding as a sub-grantee of the NC Community College system (NCCCS). The original funds are provided to the NCCCS by the Federal Government. Beginning in July 2019, NCCCS will use a new funding formula to allocate the federal funds. This new funding formula will impact smaller more rural organizations such as ours.

Do you know someone who may enjoy getting involved in BRLC? Participants at our next orientation will be entered into a drawing to win a prize! Tutors who bring a guest will also be entered into a separate drawing. So, spread the love and bring a friend to our next orientation on Wednesday, February 14 at the Hendersonville Public Library in the Kaplan Auditorium!

This fall, BRLC was lucky to have Whipp and Lita join our amazing family of volunteers. They heard about BRLC from Pastor Greg Williams at Grace Lutheran Church and began volunteering this fall. Lita, a "second career" ESL teacher, began volunteering with our new Family Literacy program; Whipp, who was a high school history teacher, then began tutoring a citizenship group.

"The fundamental reason we joined is that we both believe in the mission of BRLC..." they said. "The adult learners in the BRLC program are an amazing group of people. So many of them are working hard to build a better life for themselves and their children!"

Originally Whipp and Lita had planned not to volunteer with the same organization. However, BRLC had two programs that spoke to their differing interests and backgrounds.

"We really like what we do - and love to talk about our different work over dinner. That's just another reason why this is such a good fit!"

Thank you, Whipp and Lita, for all you do!