Alphabetta Bear, wearing her coat of many letters, celebrates literacy – understanding how the letters of the alphabet dance together to create meaning and shared knowledge through the written word. Literacy transforms lives!

The Blue Ridge Literacy Council and its volunteer tutors partner with adults who are learning to read and write, are improving their English, or are acquiring important life skills. The council assists these committed learners to gain the knowledge they need to reach their potential and participate more fully in community life.

The Blue Ridge Literacy Council was chosen to be the recipient of the 40th week in Rug & Home's 52 Weeks of Giving Program. The rug was donated by Rug & Home to help support charities and nonprofits. We are so incredibly thankful for their generosity and hope this cozy rug invites you to enjoy some reading while here in our office. Be sure to stop by and see it in person while checking out the books in our resource library!

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Using the abilities you have is not always easy, but you can do it with effort and determination, even if you find obstacles in your way. In 2018 I realized that I needed to have my vision corrected because it was getting worse. But in order to correct my vision, I needed $4,400. It’s not easy to get all that money in your pocket, especially when you have a family and only one income. I wanted to earn money, but how?

Faye Alston reached into her mailbox at Kingswood Apartments in Chapel Hill and pulled out an envelope.

It contained the last piece of what she’d been working toward for seven years — her GED math test results.

She opened the letter, looked at her score and burst into tears. It was a 400. She needed a 410 to pass.

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