Sharon Tirrell


Affiliation: Retired Nonprofit Executive, Clinical Social Worker, College Social Work Instructor, Consultant

Nancy Keswani

President-Elect and Board Development Chair

Affiliation: Corporate Marketing, (Retired)

Betsy Kelsey


Affiliation: Financial Manager, Nonprofit

Milton Butterworth


Affiliation: Pardee UNC Health Care

Ruth Birge

Affilliation: Public Relations Executive, (Retired)

Sally Buchholz

Affiliation: Marketing Executive, (Retired)

Tracy Dyer

Affiliation: Financial Consultant

Jill Hart

Affiliation: Realtor, Hart & Sold

Daniel Hein 

Affiliation: Pardee UNC Health Care

Brad Henry

Affiliation: Attorney

Keith Johnson

Affiliation: Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Donnie Parks

Affliation: Hendersonville Police Chief, (Retired)

Caroline Patterson

Affiliation: Henderson County Public Schools

Peg Price

Affiliation: Hospital Executive Administration (Retired)

David Riddell

Affiliation: Business Owner

Diane Skillman

Affiliation: The Orchards of Flat Rock, Real Estate Broker