According to the Department of Labor, approximately one in five workers lacks basic literacy skills. The National Association of Manufacturers surveyed its members and found that over half of the companies find their workers have serious shortcomings in basic math, writing and reading comprehension. It is estimated that illiteracy in the work place costs the American economy $225 billion dollars a year in lost productivity.

Regardless of size, low basic skills among employees reduce the ability of a company to implement new technology and production techniques.

BRLC can provide a range of services to improve your workers' skills. We offer small group as well as one to one tutoring for employees in Basic Literacy and in English as a Second Language. Our tutors use research based curriculum and methods combined with authentic materials from your workplace to help your employees improve their reading, writing, math and oral communications.

The National Center on the Education Quality of the Workforce found that productivity increases with education at a greater rate than it does with an increase in work hours. In the manufacturing sector a 10% increase in the average education of all workers is associated with a productivity increase of 5.6%. In a study on the economic benefits of the workplace, 98% of employers reported that with Workplace Education Programs, employees gained at least one skill and there was at least one organizational benefit.

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